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Vision Of My Mother

Today, 13/07/2014, I went to 6pm Mass at my local church. After receiving Holy Communion I went back to my pew and knelt down to pray. I welcomed the presence of the Lord inside me and began to visualise my interior space filled with the Holy Spirit, like a beautiful orange fire. I was busy doing this when a vision of my mother came unbidden into my mind's eye. It was just her head and shoulders and she looked at me and smiled. She looked at least thirty years younger than when she died seventeen years ago and radiated health and well-being. I realised she had come to visit me and I said "Hello Mum. How lovely to see you. You look great". I didn't hear a reply but I very rarely do hear anything during visions. She just gave me a lovely smile and now I know that she is happy and well in heaven. The vision lasted a few seconds and then disappeared.

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