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Debbie Richards is an artist/writer living and working in Suffolk, England. She has pages on Facebook, Linked In and Word Press.

I'm truly amazed that my painting 'Veiled Moon' was accepted on the Artists & Illustrators Magazine 'Artists of the Year' top 50 shortlist. It was on display at the Mall Galleries during February 2016 & is currently on their website.

My painting 'Springtime on Hadleigh Road' was also accepted by the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) for their Annual Open Exhibition at the Mall Galleries during March 2016 & is currently on their website.

My paintings 'Springtime on Hadleigh Road' and 'Vineyard at Framlingham' were accepted by Ipswich Borough Council and shown at their Art Gallery in Ipswich during the 'Open Call' exhibition' during September and October 2016. My painting 'Poppy the Little Dog' was similarly shown by them in their 'Open Choice' exhibition during the summer 2016.

Artist's Statement:

"My paintings have been shown alongside works by John Piper, Bridget Riley and Henry Moore. In the past I have exhibited at The Affordable Art Fair, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Hunting Art Prizes exhibition at the Royal College of Art. This year I have exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists' annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries. I am a member of the Ipswich Art Society (IAS), one of the oldest art societies in the country and exhibited with them earlier this year.

I was born in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, on the South West coast of England and now I live with my family at Ipswich near the East coast. In 2005 I received a BA in Fine Art (Painting) from Glyndwr University in North Wales, which at the time was the Wrexham School of Art & Design and part of NEWI. I enjoyed the experience immensely. I also have an earlier degree in Psychology and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Manchester Business School.

My abiding interest has always been nature and my house is full of plants. While I may stray into other areas such as portraiture, my eye always comes back to plants, trees, sky and animals, birds in particular. In this I have a natural affinity with the Arts & Crafts movement of the late nineteenth century. I think humans are happiest when they stay connected with nature and this subject makes up the largest part of the artwork I create.

I prefer oil on canvas to other painting media because I like thick, buttery paint and the strength of colour that it can achieve. I can overpaint in layers, and add coloured glazes and scumbles, giving me total control of my medium. Acrylic paint annoys me because it dries too fast and the colours change as they dry."

Other interests:

I have recently started a new business making handmade peg dolls dressed in historical costume for sale to gift shops in stately homes, castles, museums etc. Here is the link: Hazell's Dolls and a photo of our most popular doll, the Suffragette.

Suffragette Peg Doll
Suffragette Peg Doll

I also have three books published which are available on Amazon. The first, 'Krishnamurti's Angel', tells the disturbing story of a young Brahmin boy adopted by a group of expat Brits in colonial India at the beginning of the twentieth century. Part of an occult sect, they declare Krishnamurti to be the new Messiah who will lead their organisation to glory. This true story twists & turns through Edwardian India before crossing Europe just as German nationalism flares up into World War One.

Krishnamurti's Angel
Krishnamurti's Angel

Here is the link to Amazon:

Krishnamurti's Angel Sales Page On

"The Skywhale"
"The Skywhale"

My second book is The Skywhale which has its own website at:

The Skywhale's webpage on Facebook

It can be purchased from Amazon:

the Skywhale's Sales Page On

'The Skywhale' was originally published by Canadian digital publisher, MuseItUp Publishing on 18th July 2014 on Kindle and is now available in paperback from Amazon, printed by CreateSpace Independent Publishing. This book is for older children and young adults and tells the story of two young people, George and his little sister, Esme, who accidentally discover a creature that can hover in the air and is frequently mistaken for a UFO. They spend most of the book worrying that the creature will be shot down by military fighter jets in similar fashion to what happened to an alien space ship at Roswell, New Mexico. The cover was created by Spanish illustrator, Carolina Bensler.

The sequel to 'The Skywhale' is called 'Evil Aliens Stole My Grandad'
"Evil Aliens Stole My Grandad"
"Evil Aliens Stole My Grandad"

It is a cautionary tale about what happens when George and his little sister, Esme, go to rescue an alien whom they've been talking to via an internet chat room.

It is available throughout the world via Amazon:

Evil Alien's sales page on

Up Coming Exhibitions:

Ipswich Art Society annual exhibition - 23rd June to 23rd September at Ipswich Art Gallery, High Street, Ipswich.

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