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How Not To Paint A Hand

Within the space of twenty four hours I had two close friends nag me to start writing a blog about my painting. They said people would be interested in the joys and struggles of painting my pictures, so here it is, my very first blog.

Girl With a Cat
Girl With a Cat

I was inspired to paint this picture when I saw my teenage daughter cuddled up under a travel rug watching TV one bright winter afternoon. The cat had appeared and was doing the 'cat thing' kneeding her lap and purring loudly. (She's an old cat, deaf and does everything loudly.) I thought how beautiful she looked and so I drew some quick sketches and took some reference photos. Fast forward two weeks and I'm still struggling with the hand. I must have painted it three or four times now, but I won't give up, not until it's just right. I draw straight onto the canvas when I start a picture and I try to get it as accurate as possible before I start painting by keep rubbing off the charcoal and redrawing until it's just right, but it didn't work this time.

'Sit still Ellie... and where's that damn cat!'